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APBIPA Bali  Goals:

Our Mission

  • To design and delivering training programs for professional BIPA instructors as well as for beginning teachers of Indonesian as a foreign language. 
  • To support Indonesian nationals teaching Indonesian overseas but they are lacking in theoretical as well practical experience in teaching Indonesian to foreign students. 
  • To spread the good news of BIPA and the teaching of BIPA to Indonesian citizens residing overseas. 
  • To improve the quality of teaching styles and BIPA courses books currently circulating on the internet.



  • To conduct cooperation and joint efforts to develop Indonesian language learning.
  • To provide Indonesian national BIPA instructors with opportunities to teach Indonesian outside the country over a period of time to enhance their skill and knowledge as well as to widen their educational views on language and language teaching. 
  • To collaborate with relevant organisations to run academic forum on Indonesia and Indonesian as well as Indonesian language teaching. 
  • To support Indonesian as a language of international communication and friendship. 
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We feel very proud of our great team.

It is good to know that we are supported by highly dedicated team members to give the best for our students and work partners. 

Nyoman Riasa


Program Director

Josephine D. Hosana


Manager, HR for Hospitality

Ayu Sylvia


Manager, MICE & Tourism

Martin Y. Goris


Office Manager

Alumni Review

Our former students or alumni

Check what our former students and alumni say about our courses and programs. 

Pengalaman yang sangat bermanfaat saya dapatkan hanya dalam 30 jam. Hari itu, Kamis 22 Februari saya sangat bersemangat mengendarai sepeda motor ke arah timur Buleleng yaitu ke Desa Menyali. Saya sangat berkeinginan mengikuti program ini dari jauh-jauh hari. Ikut program ini adalah investasi besar dalam hidup saya.
Dewi Ariani, Singaraja
Alumni CerTIFL Level 1
The fascinating part is the way Bahasa Indonesia is taught, totally different from my past learning experience as a native speaker. It's a breakthrough in teaching Bahasa Indonesia where the focus is to engage learners to communicate to survive in many situations, NOT to learn a complicated and puzzling old-school way of learning grammar. All credit to Pak Nyoman Riasa. Terima kasih, Pak.
Feliani Oktavia
Alumni CerTIFL Level 1-3
Terima kasih banyak utk ilmunya yang luar biasa pak, semoga bs bertemu lg dilain waktu
Lilik Damayanti, Balikpapan
Alumni CerTIFL Level 1