Courses Available

APBIPA Bali offers a wide range of courses. Choose the one that is most appropriate to suit your needs.

Bahasa Indonesia (BIPA

Join our Indonesian language classes right from the beginning (Beginners - Elementary 1) though the High Advanced Level. Our courses are divided into nine levels, i.e. Level 1 - 9 specially focus on language for communication in different settings.

CerTIFL Level 1-4

CerTIFL (Certificate in Teaching Indonesian as Foreign Language) is locally known as Sertifikat Guru BIPA consists of 4 levels in the following order. CerTIFL Level 1: TIFL Methodology CerTIFL Level 2: IFL Syllabus Design & Metarials CerTIFL Level 3: IFL Program Management & Development CerTIFL Level 4: Training for IFL Trainers

CerTIFL - Young Learners

Join this class to learn how to teach BIPA for young learners and how to design classroom activities suitable for students of this age group. Your learners or children have their specific ways of learning a foreign language.

Tata Bahasa BIPA

To gain confidence in communicating in Indonesian requires relatively short time. However, to be able to speak and write in Indonesian, one should learn the Indonesian grammar properly both at the sentence and morphological level.

Beasiswa BIPA

If you wish to join intensive Indonesian language and culture with homestay accommodation, you are welcome to join our partly funded or subsidized 'Beasiswa BIPA' programs.

BIPA and Jalan-jalan

This is a Bahasa Indonesia course through travelling to different places to visit ordinary people: farmers, street vendors; craftsmen; priests and many more. This is highly recommended for people wishing to improve their listening and speaking (Q & A) as 98% of the program is in Indonesian.


Join our one or two weeks intensive Indonesian language and cultural experiences in Bali. Participants will spend the entire week or weeks in a small village where Indonesian is the only language for communication. No particular language classes are set up in this program, just totally immersed in the language.

BIPA Course Book Project

Spend one week or two with your BIPA book projects. Our professional team members would be more than happy to assist you to complete your book.

BIPA & Kuliner Bali

It is a two-week program Indonesian immersion program through cookery classes. It is a Bahasa Indonesia program through cooking experience moving from one place to another.

Indonesian Studies

Come and join the program to learn about Indonesia from the local experts on politics, social cultural studies, arts as well as religions of the fourth most populous country in the world with over 270 million people.

Religions in Bali

The Balinese people are not a hundred percent Hindus. Learn about how the Balinese people practice religious tolerance in their everyday life, the very element that the whole country is needed. The program consists of a series of mini-talksn in English or Indonesian (with a professional interpreter).

Tailor-made BIPA Programs

Think of your own very program and let us translate it into a very a memorable learning experience for you and your beloved ones.